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folgender beitrag mal auf englisch - ein unverfäschter Text:

 Vorweg noch: die katzenbabys leben, sind munter und sehr putzig, ich pflücke fleißig bohnen, mein neues zimmer ist spitze, ich hab grade ne grippe, heute waren zwei ehemalige freiwillige da, chinesisch wird langsam was...


Weekly report N.7 3.10 – 10.10 David Alexander Klindt

Throughout the last week was holiday due to the birthday of the Republic of China. So I had the possibility to concentrate on learning Chinese for three days. I wanted to learn until Wednesday, so I could leave on Thursday with the feeling of having achieved a little. The period of learning was good. I finished the work on my vocabulary-cards, which now allow me to use the advantage of this learning method. It was also a very quite time for only few people stayed here, which made it possible to relax and calm down.

Chris went to Beijing on Tuesday and during that time we moved to a new, very comfortable room.

On Thursday I traveled to Beidaihe by train and bus, arriving in the evening at my booked hotel. It was a nice room and I thought the price of 100 Yuan per night was alright. On Saturday I spend the day on the ocean-side, looking at the coast, the Chinese-sea and many people. I gathered some great impression of another side of China which I had not seen so far. In Beidaihe where many new buildings which had been build for the Olympic games but still enriched the modern appearance of Beidaihe. I also saw soldiers practicing on the beach and the kind of Chinese people living at the ocean: fishers and tourist-guides. On the other hand I saw some beautiful Chinese landscape like the ocean and my first forest in China.

Saturday morning I got up at 4 am to reach a lonely peace of coast at dawn. Walking through China at night was another great experience including the sight of fishers getting up for there daily-business. I waited for the sunrise with a very clear mind and played Taichi on the sand next to the floating ocean as the big light appeared.

Afterwards I walked to Qinhuangdao on the beach. There I met some Chinese people with whom I spend the day in the spectacular mountain-scenery where the great wall leads through an alley. They where really friendly. I almost missed the train back but as I got in it I met some other Chinese men who where fishing in Northern China who offered me there seat. Also a nice journey, like on the way to Beidaihe. Chinese people seem to be very outgoing, kind and interested in foreigners. I came back Saturday evening and was very thankful for all the experiences and moments I could witness in the last three days.

On Sunday I saw all the new students.


14.10.10 13:10

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